An Open Letter to Steve on the Dating App Hinge, Who Told Me to Smile More

1 Nov


Please check out my latest on xoJane! (Also, please stop telling me to smile.)

Does New York make you an asshole?

21 Aug


Absofrigginlutely not. Read my case against the stereotype in Time Out New York!

What the hell is ethical nonmonogamy and why is it all over my Tinder?

11 Jul


Credit: Shutterstock

I went looking for the answer on Time Out New York! See what I found here!

Catch me every month on NBC Today in New York!

21 Mar


I’m late to post this but wanted to let you know that the last Sunday of every month, I now have the pleasure of sitting down with the delightful team over at NBC4 for the local New York show Weekend Today in New York, where I share Time Out New York’s picks for the coming month. (That up there is the lovely Gus Rosendale! Who I coincidentally went to high school with!)

So set your alarm—I’ll see you bright and early on Sunday, March 27, telling you all about the best stuff to do in the city for April. You can check out last month’s segment here. (And if you have a time machine, go do all this stuff, because it’s great.)

And if you can’t get up early, I’ll post the link from the web so you don’t miss a thing.

Wanna watch me eat 47 donuts?

21 Mar


photo courtesy flickr/creative commons/hanna

Sure you do. I had the distinct pleasure of spending a recent morning gallivanting about Bay Ridge with New York Live’s lovely Joelle Gargiulo. We ate all the donuts. (Okay, not all of them. There are still some left for you.) Special thanks to Mike’s and Leske’s for their generosity and delicious, delicious carbs. Check out the segment here!

An ode to Strand bookstore

21 Mar


photo credit: Teddy Wolff

As part of Time Out New York’s fiction issue, I wrote this homage to the biggest, baddest, best bookstore in the city. Go there. Go there now.

I came, I shopped, I shopped again.

21 Mar


photo credit: David Williams

I tried to give up (compulsive) shopping for a story—but here’s the thing about compulsions, you guys: They are really, really hard to give up.

See how it went for me (and for some other brave souls who tried to give up their own vices) in Time Out New York.