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12 Jul

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Hey there. Long time, no see. You don’t call, you don’t write…. Oh wait, that’s my fault. Let’s change that, shall we?

I’ll be on the Time Out New York Facebook page every day with three amazing things to do in the New York area every day from now on.

And if you’re in NYC, I’m on PIX11 News every Friday at 5:45 with the best stuff to do over the weekend. I’ve been astoundingly terrible at updating my site, but if you have a time machine and want to check out some past events, there are a few here, here and here. (And here and here and here.) (Okay, I’ll stop.)

Look, Ma, I’m on the teevee!

30 Dec

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I happily visited PIX11 News in New York last week and today to talk about, respectively, Time Out New York’s picks of stuff to do on Christmas and New Year’s in the city. (Not too late for the latter, you guys; if you’re looking for something to do on Christmas, I can help you out just as soon as I remember where I parked my time machine.)

No video yet, so for now, enjoy photos of these faces that I sometimes make on television.

And in the meantime, HAPPIEST NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL! Let’s make 2015 rad, yes? Yes!

Willkaytzé take NYC!

14 Dec


You may have heard that William and Kate paid a visit to New York this week—and spent some quality time with the Big Apple’s own royal couple, Beyoncé and Jay Z. (That right there in the headline is their celebrity-mashup name, obviously. It’s pretty good, right?)

Date night for this fabulous foursome involved taking in a Nets game at Barclays, but I had some other ideas for them, Check them out over at Time Out New York.

How I learned to be a stand-up comedian in 19 days

6 Nov


Hey, guys! As part of Time Out New York’s comedy issue (which features some of the most impressive, funny, ballsy, generally amazing women I’ve ever met in my life), I learned to do stand-up comedy and then performed at Carolines on Broadway. (That’s me in the bottom left of the cover. I know what you’re thinking: “Nobody puts Carla in the corner.” But they do! And I like it!) Pick up the print issue (on stands now) for the full story, and to watch me touching my hair awkwardly and making people laugh (they did! It was cool!), check out the video here.

My interview with the guys from Bob’s Burgers!

28 Oct


Actually, I didn’t just get to interview Bob, Gene and Teddy, I got to interview them in a diner—WHILE THEY ATE BURGERS!!! Yeah, it was not a bad day. This was ahead of their season-five premiere and was SO. FUN. Please check out my chat with the guys in Time Out New York! 

Looking for fally things to do in NYC now that it’s sweater weather?

4 Oct


I talked to WNYC’s Brian Lehrer about that very thing! Click through to listen to my radio voice—and some of Time Out New York‘s very favorite things to do during autumn in New York (not to be confused with Autumn in New York, a movie starring Richard Gere and Winona Ryder).

In New York City? Like the laughs? THIS POST IS FOR YOU!!!

4 Oct


On Monday night, I’ll be making my standup comedy debut (OMG) at Carolines on Broadway (OMG again!!!), so if you’re kicking around at 7:30 with nothing to do and think to yourself, Oh hey, I’m in the mood to have a delightful time, come on over! (That photo up there is a dramatic simulation of how hard I predict you’ll be laughing*.) (*Results are not guaranteed.)

You can buy tickets here, and rest assured, there will be other (potentially even MORE delightful) comics there, too, so you are unlikely to be disappointed*.

Please come laugh at me!!!


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