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Just in time for tonight’s Community…

25 Apr


…it’s LAST week’s Community! And the Community before that!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I am the WORST. But admit it, you like the excitement of not knowing when I’ll post a recap (in yo’ ass), right? We’re living on the edge here, people.

Truthfully, I hate living on the edge. I was just thinking, actually, about how chaotic, unpredictable people are my least-favorite kind. I was thinking about it in the context of The Bling Ring, which I am OBSESSED with seeing. The kind of people in it are the kind who have always made me feel unsafe (and not just because they might rob me), but because they seem so…unstable and OMG WHAT ARE THEY GOING TO DO NEXT??? They also seem kind of trouble-for-trouble’s-sakey. Every once in a while growing up someone like that would materialize, and though they were kind of seductive at first, I eventually realized that they BUGGED me OUT.

Wow, that was a super tangenty tangent. Anyway, enjoy these recaps, y’all! I’ll be back AT SOME POINT with another one!

Last night’s Community was the greatest since the Holocaust!

5 Apr


You guys, that headline was total linkbait. What I mean, of course, is that last night’s episode was the best one this season since the episode wherein Greendale was turned into a concentration camp (or wasn’t, if you’re one of the many Holocaust-episode deniers out there, and if you are one of those, then you, my friend, are a jerk and also, you don’t understand metaphors or television). I just loved it. Funny and sweet and ultra-super-high-jinksy. If you haven’t watched it yet, do. And then head over to to check out my recap.

PS: That’s the dean dressed as what I thought was Donna Reed in The Warriors but (thanks to my Laughspin editor and friend Dylan) I now know is actually Donna Reed in black and white. Makes more sense.


21 May

Thursday night was Community‘s epic three-episode season finale—and I recapped it in all my cracked-out, exhausted, had-t0-be-up-at-3:30-for-a-flight glory. It was really fun! Check out the result on, won’t you?

And see you in the fall, Human Beings!

xo c.

I ruin the hell out of Shutter Island in my recap this week

14 May

I wanted to warn you because I already effectively spoiled that movie for one friend tonight (sorry, Dylan), and I wanted you to read cautiously before I give it away that LEONARDO DICAPRIO IS TOTALLY DEAD IN SHUTTER ISLAND!!! Hahaha, JK. That’s Sixth Sense, you guys. Fuck. Anybody not seen Sixth Sense yet? I mean, it’s like a decade old, people. What the hell are you waiting for?

ANYWAY, head on over to to check out my recap of the latest episode of Community, won’t you?

Only three more eps this season, you guys, which means I’m going to have to find less organic ways to ruin movies for you.

xo c.

Just in time for this week’s Community recap…

12 May

it’s LAST week’s Community recap! Enjoy!

Community-recap twofer!

1 May

It’s your lucky day, you guys! Here’s my recap of last week’s Community, and here’s another recap of Community, on (Ok, so it’s not your lucky day—I was just too lazy to post the last two recaps, so I’m doing it all now.) Weeeeeee! Right? Weeeee?

Oh, and that photo has nothing to do with anything. But how cute is Gillian Jacobs?

Thanks for reading.

xo c.

Community recap: Origins of Vampire Mythology

22 Apr

Hey, gang! Here’s my recap of LAST week’s Community, on So grab some chips and a sixer like the dean over there and please check it out! I’ll get around to posting the latest recap probably when you no longer care about it. Thanks for reading!!!

xo c.