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Thank you!!!

1 Nov

Thanks to all who read and Facebooked and tweeted and blogged and blurbed and flurbed my as-told-to with Jen Abramowitz on JezebelĀ today. As of right now, the piece has had 21,187 views. That means a lot of people have heard Jen’s fearless voice today, a damn good time to hear it. Up with fearlessness!

Hello, Jezebel!

1 Nov

And welcome, new site visitors! Take your coat off and stay a while, won’t you?

As many of you already know, Jezebel has reprinted my story on plus-size dating with Jen Abramowitz. Tee! And also yay! And many many exclamation points!

It’s been a trippy couple of weeks re: size and dating and fat and bigotry and awesomeness and terribleness out there in the blogosphere, so I’m glad that Jen’s voice can be part of that discussion.