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Family Guy’s Bid for Bloated Brentwood Jews.

31 May

Hey, y’all. Please check out my latest piece in Heeb magazine, on Seth Macfarlane’s questionable Emmy ad.

Nicki is an N-word, but not that one.

24 May

Hey, guys! Please check out my latest piece, on the egregious bleeping of Nicki Minaj’s “Starships,” in Heeb magazine. Thanks for reading!

Undercover Jewess. Yeah, y’heard me.

2 Apr

Shalom! Head on over to Heeb magazine to check out my latest piece–on being a Jew who kind of doesn’t seem like one–won’t you? Shalom! (That means both hello and goodbye, see?) xo c. (PS: This cover of Heeb is not new, but it’s my absolute favorite.) Shalom! (I meant it as peace there. Keep up, you guys!)