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A 41-Step Guide to Giving Yourself a Heart Attack

4 Dec


Hi there! Please be a dear and check out my latest piece on the Hairpin. It’s part fiction and part non, and I wrote it last year. I hope you enjoy it. (If you like lists, wine, SVU, mysteries or lists about mysteries, wine and SVU, it’s right up your alley!)


The Day My Shrink Told Me to Change My Personality

27 Aug

Hi, you guys! I have once again been derelict in my blogging duties (blame summer, work, laziness and a DVR queue of Law & Order: SVU I don’t think I’ll ever make my way through). Today I’m excited to share my latest essay for The Hairpin, about the day my therapist *politely* suggested I try to be a *tad* less sarcastic with blokes I’m trying to snag. Not the worst advice I’ve ever gotten. Witness me mulling it over here. I adore The Hairpin (and was lucky enough to have its brother site The Awl pick it up, too), so I’m thrilled! Hopefully you will be, too. (And if you’re not, there’s a comments section for that. Step into it, if you dare.)

The Hairpin!

22 May

Hi, guys! I’m coming to you live from St. Bart’s, where an incredible vacation got even better today, with my essay “Absolute Transparency, or Love in the Time of Google,” being published on The Hairpin, a super-cool site I could gush about all day. I’d love it if you’d mosey on over there to check it out–and poke around the site while you’re there. You won’t be disappointed!

xo c.