I’ve got a podcast, y’all!

My friend Dylan and I have talked about doing a podcast for years…and we’ve finally done it! (That’s us with our friend years ago. Dylan now has dreads, and I have wrinkles.)

Dylan and I met as co-workers in our 30s. Over the years we became good friends with a lot in common—anxiety, introspection, a penchant for cursing—and a lot not in common: Dylan’s a married dad of two living in New Jersey and I’m a single gal living in Brooklyn; Dylan’s a pessimist, I’m an optimist; Dylan’s a huge fan of Donald Trump’s, I’m not. (JK. I was just being a dick. We both hate Donald Trump. Oh, that’s another thing we have in common—we’re both super funny.)


Dylan and I really like talking to each other and thought maybe people would like to listen to us while we do it. He once launched his own website and accompanying podcast; I’ve done a bunch of TV and radio. We’re hoping maybe we’ll be good at this. Like most good friends, we tend to talk about everything and nothing. We’re excited to just see where the conversation goes—sometimes we’ll talk about the news, sometimes we’ll talk about Len Bias, sometime we’ll let a really cute dog lick the mic. (These are not imaginary examples.) Maybe sometimes I’ll make Dylan help me swipe through Tinder and see if there are any insane men left in New York who I haven’t already dated; maybe Dylan will make me listen to death metal. The world is our oyster.


So anyway, thanks for reading, thanks for listening. You can find us on Spotify, iTunes and Apple Podcasts, with new episodes dropping every Monday. And you can find us on Facebook, too.
If you have suggestions, questions, critiques or just want to tell two incredibly insecure people that they’re doing a great job, please hit us up at fortynothingpod@gmail.com. If you want to tell us that we’re doing a bad job, please hit us up at yourmom@aol.gov.