Time Out New York covers

A selection of some of my favorite covers as editor in chief of Time Out New York (team: creative director Tom Hislop, photo director Melissa Sinclair)

love awards
Time Out New York Love Awards, November 2016; art by Nicole Licht
TONY cover Trump.jpg
Halloween 2016; illo by Alex Fine
bar awards.JPG
Time Out New York Bar Awards, May 2016; photography by Paul Wagtouicz
Josh Groban and Denée Benton, August 2016; photography by James Weber
Wine, April 2016; art by Nicole Licht
Saoirse Ronan, February 2016; photography by Ben Rayner
Does New York Make You an Asshole?, August 2016; illo by Leillo
bill murray
The Year in Review, December 2016; photography by Daniel Krieger
Battle of the Burger, August 2016; illo by Sam Hadley
Pride, in the wake of Pulse, June 2016
TONY cover Hidden NY
Hidden New York, June 2016; illo by Ashleigh Bowring
The Sex Issue, January 2016
The Activism Issue, December 2016; typography by Jill De Haan