Michel Gondry drew a picture of me!


And there it is! How cool is that?

About four years ago (almost to the day, oddly), I read that filmmaker Michel Gondry had decided to—with his copious amounts of free time—make hand-drawings of photos for a mere $20. It hardly mattered that I love Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind or that Gondry directed one of my very favorite Flight of the Conchords episodes ever—anyone who has the opportunity to get a drawing by an artist or visionary of any kind of standing for a mere 20 bucks should. So I sent in my money and waited. And waited. I got an email saying that due to Gondry’s schedule, there would be a delay. Then I waited some more. Then I checked in again. I checked in a lot. Then I forgot about it. Then, I don’t know why,  about a month ago checked in again—and was told that Mssr. Gondry finally had time to do my drawing. And he did it!!! And it just arrived! And it is so cool! And I am so happy!!!


Oh, also, here’s my latest Community recap. (Oops. Sorry. But look how patient I was!!!)