Just in time for tonight’s Community…

25 Apr


…it’s LAST week’s Community! And the Community before that!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I am the WORST. But admit it, you like the excitement of not knowing when I’ll post a recap (in yo’ ass), right? We’re living on the edge here, people.

Truthfully, I hate living on the edge. I was just thinking, actually, about how chaotic, unpredictable people are my least-favorite kind. I was thinking about it in the context of The Bling Ring, which I am OBSESSED with seeing. The kind of people in it are the kind who have always made me feel unsafe (and not just because they might rob me), but because they seem so…unstable and OMG WHAT ARE THEY GOING TO DO NEXT??? They also seem kind of trouble-for-trouble’s-sakey. Every once in a while growing up someone like that would materialize, and though they were kind of seductive at first, I eventually realized that they BUGGED me OUT.

Wow, that was a super tangenty tangent. Anyway, enjoy these recaps, y’all! I’ll be back AT SOME POINT with another one!

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