There is just one moon and one golden sun.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: New York is one tiny freaking city. Went to The Yard at the Soho Grand with my dear friend Megan Gilbert the other night to celebrate the release of the second issue of the zine Our Show With Elliot Aronow, a client of my OTHER dear friend John DeCicco (are you following? None of this matters, so it’s okay if you’re not), and we ran into my cousin, Scott Hurwitz, who was there with my former co-worker Greg Littley, who is now his co-worker, and they were all in a movie with Kevin Bacon! (Not really, but couldabeen.) (Other person in the photo I am egregiously and obviously omitting, I’m sorry!!!) Anyway, here’s a picture of most of us, taken by Kenny Rodriguez. Don’t I look like I could almost be a hipster? Yeah, I know. I don’t. WHATEVER. #linksapalooza (Note to self: Stand up straighter; don’t tilt your head like that; throw away that dress. Thank you.)