Freerange Nonfiction series!

Hi there! If you find yourself somewhere near the Lower East Side of NYC tomorrow and you also like nonfiction—AND YOU ALSO like booze— might I suggest the Freerange Nonfiction series, happening at Piano’s, which is a bar THAT SERVES BOOZE? I’ll be there reading, along with five other talented writers, and I’d love to see your shining face as I look out from the mic like a deer in headlights. Hahahaha, JK, I actually really like doing readings. And I also like the aforementioned LES and also booze. So join, us, won’t you? Doors are at 7 and the fun will cost you only 8 bucks. (Oh, plus booze, so depending on how much you drink, 8 bucks + however much it takes to cover your alcohol habit. So, y’know, bring cash.)

See you there!

xo c.

PS: Regarding the photo over there, I did a search for “free range chicken,” y’know, because of the Freerange series, and in addition to the NUMEROUS photos of chickens happily roaming the countryside, I also found this delightful image, titled “young Asian woman with free range chicken.” Say no more, random photo titlers! Sold!