Here’s me at The Moth!

Hi there! So last night I did something I have never done before–I got up onstage in a roomful of strangers and told a story about a threesome. It was AMAZING.


Don’t know if you guys have been to The Moth before, but if there’s one in your city, go, go, go. The premise is simple: There’s a theme (last night’s was “duped”), and anyone wanting to tell a story on the topic puts her name in a bag. If your name is called, you have 5 minutes to tell your story, after which three teams of judges score you.


I had the germ of an idea–a threesome that wasn’t (i.e. that I’d been duped about)–but didn’t give much more thought to things before tossing my name in the hat…erm…bag. Then I sat back and tried not to vom. Anyway, long story short, my name got called–right after the dude who ultimately won (he was awesome). Just picture it: The crowd is ROARING about some guy’s hilarious tale about being mistaken for Rick Moranis his whole life (the dupe? He bedded a woman on the claim that he was actually RM’s son), and then, there it is: “Next we’d like to welcome to the stage Carla Sosenko.” Oh, you’re fucking KIDDING me, was all I could think, but it was actually totally rad, a total rush. Is 35 too late to be discovered? DISCOVER ME, SOMEONE!!!


Sometime soon I’ll post the whole story here, but meantime, here’s a photo that my dear friend Cindy took. (The stage isn’t as enormous and grand as it looks, but I really dig it. Seems like I’m performing at Radio City or something. Delightful!)




And PS: Yes, I am wearing a floral onesie. Jealous?