Radio stations bleeping Nicki Minaj’s name because it sounds like the N-word. Good job, radio stations.

Hey guys, Nicki Minaj’s real name is Onika! And she says so in her new (awesome, dancey, super-fun) track “Starships.” I’ll admit, the first time I heard the song, when I got to the lyric in question (“My name is Onika/You can call me Nicki”), I paused for a moment. Nicki’s fierce rapping can be hard to understand, and for a hot minute, I thought she was *maybe* using a racial slur. Have a listen (lyric comes up around minute 1:40):

Even listening hard, I still couldn’t tell. That word (the one the lyric sounds like) makes me exceedingly uncomfortable (even though it’s de rigueur for loads of great rappers to use it), so I did some research. (This Google contraption makes it really easy!) And guess what! (Well…you already know, because I’m telling this story terribly.): Nicki Minaj’s name is Onika. So that’s what she’s saying. Mystery solved!


I have now heard the song on both Z100 and WKTU (100.3 and 103.5, respectively, in NYC), and BOTH stations BLEEP OUT THE MOTHERFUCKING LYRIC. I honestly can’t believe it. They are bleeping out her name. Why? Because they are lazy and apparently have no access to Google. This is the absolute worst side of PC. I can’t even call it PC, I think they’re just pussies who heard a word they thought was bad (been there) but didn’t take the time to find out if they were right. Just bleep it out–problem solved! So now stations that happily play Chris Brown (censor that asshat, why don’t you) are now bleeping NICKI MINAJ’S NAME. Nice job, radio stations.

I hate people.

PS: I like to imagine that photo of Nicki up there adequately illustrating her horror upon finding out about the egregious bleeping of her name via this post. Don’t worry, Nicki! It’ll be okay! Don’t mess up your hair!