Blue ribbon to anyone who can get a picture of the latest outrageously stupid and offensive Wodka billboard on the West Side Highway. Wodka is a vodka nobody I know has ever heard of or drunk, but the brand’s billboards are a constant source of annoyance for many of us daily WSH drivers. (One such stellar example at left.)

The latest pièces de résistance from the masterminds at this terrible vodka brand you’ve never heard of? “Christmas quality, Hanukkah pricing.” Seriously? I get it: It’s insidery, it’s New Yorky, and we Jews have a notoriously great sense of humor (if not generous spirits–right, Wodka)? But this is just dumb.

Images of the billboard are suspiciously nowhere to be found online, so if anyone has a photo, send it along!



Addendum: You can now see the billboard here.