Hey, y’all!

I have been falling down terribly on my blogging duties, and for this I apologize. What have I been doing with my time, you ask? Well I’ll tell you! Working, writing, daydreaming, thinking about boys, doing ridiculous things with my nails (see left), buying spring dresses, talking soothingly to said dresses because they are nervous and agoraphobic and have been spending all their time in my closet because it is still cold as balls in New York. (Well, today’s not a good example of that. Today was actually pretty nice.) Anyway, while I have been slacking horribly on my blogging, I have stepped up my tweeting. Yes! (I wonder how many other things I’ve been doing or not doing that weren’t even words 10 years ago. Grandma alert!) Anyway, please follow me on Twitter @carlasosenko. I’d be ever so grateful.

Otherwise, stay tuned: New Community recap coming later this week, and more other random thoughts and theories coming shortly before or after that, I’m sure.

Be good.