Community recap: It’s all downhill from here

Sorry for the delay, y’all. I’ve been on Vegas time, and by Vegas time I don’t mean that I’ve been three hours behind usual (though I have), I mean that I slept about 7 hours in the course of one weekend and spent a lot of that time not what you would call completely sober. POOR ME.

PS: On the flight home, I coped with my sleep deprivation and desire not to have a panic attack with episodes of the first season of Community. I have to say, the show was always good, but it has come a loooong way. In the beginning of the series, there were hints of what it might become, but whereas the smarts come fast and furious these days, they came in dribs and drabs back then. (I did literally LOL, though, when I saw Greendale’s gender- and race-neutral mascot for the first time. I’m not sure my seatmates on Continental flight 169 appreciated it.)

This week’s brilliant meta-amazingness case in point: Abed tosses Britta a homemade sweatshirt—he’s been giving them to everybody involved in last year’s paintball adventure—emblazoned with the message “It’s all downhill from here.” The paintball episode is what solidified Community‘s fan base. It’s what made most of us realize we were watching something smart and different and really effing good. (It’s also a tease to the rumored reprise of paintball in an upcoming episode). This is a beloved wink that comically tempers our expectations, but don’t be so hard on yourself, Community. If I were a skier, I would use a term meaning the opposite of downhill to describe what you are.  (Um, maybe it’s uphill? Yeah, Vegas made me stupid, I think.)

Anyway, on to the recap!