What the what???

Hello, bunny rabbits. Do you remember a few months ago I was all excited because I was featured in Time Out New York’s Most Eligible Bachelorettes issue? It was pretty rad, and…ok…I didn’t love the picture of myself that ran with it (nobody to blame but me), but all in all, cool! Here’s what’s weird: 50 of us were featured (all of us online, 43 in the print mag–yours truly did NOT make the print mag. C’mon, TONY–how hard would it be to cram in 7 more girls? I mean, REALLY! Anyway…digressing). So, right, 50 people featured and I don’t even make the print version.

Now, cut to a few months later. Google the words “time out new york most eligible bachelorette.” Click on the very first link that comes up. Watch what happens. No really, go ahead. I’ll wait. Y’see??? How did I go from being Bachelorette No. 44 (um, that’s optimistic–I may actually be No. 50) to the eligible-iest bachelorette around? Why on earth would this happen?

I’ll tell you what, chickadees–I don’t get it, but I LIKE it!

xo c.