I come to you live from New Jersey, soon departing work for home (Brooklyn), where we are currently experiencing the LARGEST snowflakes I have ever seen! Think good thoughts, people, for 30 or so of us are about to attempt to traverse numerous bridges in a single bound. It’s gonna be dicey, but I’m always up for an adventure! The real question is, do I go to the gym or just curl up in my new super-comfy chair and watch reruns of Gilmore Girls. How does one decide such things?

Ah, what’s up with that picture to the left you ask. Well I’ll tell you! My friend Jessica and I recently participated in a photo shoot for the uber-talented Sabrina Faith Weisbrod, makeup artist extraordinaire. If you find yourself in New York and in need of some super-fly face-doing, get thee to Sabrina! (All shots by fabulous and very sweet photog Duffy.)