Hey look, I’m going to be speaking in Minnesota!

It’s true! I’ll be at the K-T Support Meeting from July 23-24, so if you live in or plan on visiting scenic Rochester, Minn., come on by! (No, it’s nowhere near the Mall of America–I already checked.) I feel really privileged and honored to be included.

Also, I’m currently taking topic requests for the meeting. Want me to talk about my ethical dilemma as a fan of Celebrity Rehab? I’ll do it. In the mood to hear me perform my favorite karaoke song of all time? Provide me with a wind machine and some scarves and consider it done. Care to hear me expound on the deliciousness of Trader Joe’s soy nuggets? Say no more!

Ok, I’m kidding: I’ll probably read my essay “What the Guys Don’t Know” and take some questions, but I’d still love to see you there!