Hey look, I’m going to be speaking in Minnesota!

13 Feb

It’s true! I’ll be at the K-T Support Meeting from July 23-24, so if you live in or plan on visiting scenic Rochester, Minn., come on by! (No, it’s nowhere near the Mall of America–I already checked.) I feel really privileged and honored to be included.

Also, I’m currently taking topic requests for the meeting. Want me to talk about my ethical dilemma as a fan of Celebrity Rehab? I’ll do it. In the mood to hear me perform my favorite karaoke song of all time? Provide me with a wind machine and some scarves and consider it done. Care to hear me expound on the deliciousness of Trader Joe’s soy nuggets? Say no more!

Ok, I’m kidding: I’ll probably read my essay “What the Guys Don’t Know” and take some questions, but I’d still love to see you there!


2 Responses to “Hey look, I’m going to be speaking in Minnesota!”

  1. Francoise February 24, 2010 at 4:01 pm #

    Hi carla,
    I feel for you because I also have the KT syndrom( bigger right leg and lump and angioma in the back…… beleive me ,I know where you are…..I am 44 married for the 2nd time and mother of 3 kids…I got very scared to pass on that syndrom to my babies but none of them got it !!!
    I became a pro at hiding my legs and my back…Lately i had some lazer done on my back and it worked really well. I wear sleveless t-shirts since last year!! I still dream of wearing skirts but this will probably never happen in this life!
    I am a Yoga instructor and Yoga helped me a great deal to coop with our syndrome !!
    Good luck on your book!
    I will get it !

  2. Drea eidsvold February 5, 2012 at 10:19 pm #

    I am so sad to be just seeing this now. I would have loved to hear you speak. I have KTS and I am in Rochester now waiting for my appts this week with all of the various DRs. I always hide my legs and even though I love to workout I hide in the back row because I feel you can see the differences in my legs in my workout pants. I even wear cabana pants over my swimsuits:). I was on Rachel Ray for “I can’t stand my leg” episode and they taught me how to cover the port. Wine mark with make up but I want a solution to the veins, size, discomfort, port wine mark, and so on. Seems to just keep getting worse as a get older. People often disregard my insecurities and say you are beautiful and have a great body. I am so sick of feeling like a freak! It is great to hear that the laser surgery worked well for you. What kind of laser treatment was it?I have been looking into several options and hope to find some answers to a lot of my questions this week.

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