Help Haiti!

15 Jan

Not to belabor this point, but disasters like the one in Haiti always seem to bring out the best in people. So please, whether you can give a lot or a little, help! Huffington Post has a good roundup of organizations that need our support. You can check it out here.

One Response to “Help Haiti!”

  1. Laura January 28, 2010 at 12:42 am #

    Hi! I now this isn’t the correct spot to write this but I couldn’t find a contact link.

    I thought you were someone that I could relate to or possibly the other way around. You are just gorgeous and well, I’d like to think I am decent looking too. Don’t worry though, I’m not trying to hit on you or get a date.

    My name is Laura, I am 26 years old and I live in Texas. I have KT syndrome as well. My syndrome affects my left leg, hip, pubic area, abdomen, lower back (spine) and just recently I found a purple spot developing on my shoulder (oh joy! Right?).

    I’ve read an article of yours on dating and oh boy do I know how you feel. I do have to say that I was lucky to overcome my inhibitions and I guess the fact that I walk with a severe limp didn’t hurt to break the ice with potential boyfriends. They always asked what was wrong. I told them I had a birth defect and couldn’t bend my knee and then showed them my hip. Yes, usually within the first hour of meeting them they’d ask and I’d tell and believe it or not, I lost out on very few second dates because of it. The majority of my boyfriends were actually what I would consider drop-dead gorgeous.

    There were a few who though who were a little weirded out. And of course in my barely 20’s there were a few that found out and joked with their friends and dropped me like I was hot,lol.. There was also one guy who went off to war and his friends gave him a hard time about me being what they called a “gimp” and he eventually broke it off with me to end the torture he was facing. In a way I don’t blame him. But really, guys like this were few and far between.

    I am actually married now. My husband and I have been together for 5 years and have 3 beautiful children. I’m also previously divorced. So if you aren’t married yet, there is hope. You are really beautiful, moreso than I’d give myself credit for so I’m sure you’ll find the one. I say just put it out there in the open in the beginning and if they run then they weren’t keepers anyway.

    It’s odd that I have such confidence when it comes to men because when it comes to the general public I am lacking. I don’t wear dresses (I can’t wear dress shoes so I guess that helps too) I don’t wear shorts and I don’t wear swim suits in public. I started being more self aware or more aware of how people were staring when I was about 15. I get quite embarrassed when I go out and people stare or ask rude questions, honestly it hurts. I guess everyone has their thing… yours might be dating whereas mine is interaction with the general public.

    Well anyway, if you are open to conversation let me know. I’d be willing to send you pictures to prove I am who I say I am so that you know I’m not some weirdo or a stalker or something. I’d love to talk with you. I’ve never met anyone with the syndrome. In fact I’ve never even seen a doctor who’s seen it before. I’ve got my first appointment with the Mayo Clinic in Rochester on the 15th of March. I’m hoping for an elective amputation. I know that might sound crazy but in my situation is the better alternative.

    Well you have a wonderful week. I hope to hear from you but if not I completely understand.

    Laura Essary

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