2010, mofos.

2 Jan

Happy New Year, y’all! Consensus seems to be that 2009 sucked, but I don’t know, I liked it. New place, lots of writing goodness, new president (huzzah!). But it wasn’t great for everyone (hi, economy), so here’s hoping that 2010 is wonderful and healthy and safe and creative and productive for all.  May it be warm where you are (freeeeeeeeezing in New York right now–headed to friends’ in Park Slope soon for some delicious s’mores and wine and a fire and Wii (I have never played this–I’m excited, so long as it’s not Wii Fit, which I understand makes you enter your weight. If we play Wii Fit, I’m saying I’m 8-feet tall, lest my avatar look like a Weeble.) Whoa, parentheses within a parentheses! Maybe that’s why 2010 will be the year of! That and ending sentences with prepositions!)

xoxo c.

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