Hey y’all!

freemansIt’s 11:30 at night, and I’m at work. Also, I have a cold. Waaaaaah. I bought a neti pot last night and I’m a mixture of terrified and jumping-out-of-my-seat excited to go home and use it. Last night I think I did it wrong–the result was what I like to describe as water boarding lite. I sort of wish I had a picture. Imagine water trickling in a stream out of one nostril (the way it’s supposed to) AND my mouth (the ways it’s not). Ew, right? Like some low-grade horror movie about being possessed or something. Anyway, my mom heard Oprah endorsed neti pots, and that is good enough for me! Also, my friend Todd, who came with me to CVS to get it. (Ooh, we saw Alessandro Nivola and Emily Mortimer there. LOVE. They are the cutest, loveliest, talentyest couple you shall ever see. It was a very starry weekend, actually: Ogled John Krasinski and Emily Blunt–also super cute–Justin Theroux AND Gabriel Byrne all within two days. New York=Hollywood East these days. I don’t mind when it’s people like all of them.) 

Anyhoodle, what do you guys feel like talking about? Suggestions welcome! No, really, put ’em in the comments section and we’ll talk about whatever you want. Boys? I can always talk about boys. Cupcakes? I have surprisingly little to say about cupcakes. I prefer regular cake. I don’t know what happens when you shrink a cake down to itty-bitty, but something, and I don’t like it.

For now, I’ll continue to suck the candy shell off M&Ms one by one because (as I may have mentioned) I a) am sick and b) am still at work, and those two things combined have led me to believe I DESERVE to eat as many M&Ms one by one as I damn well please.

Oh, hey, I just turned 33. (Can you tell I don’t want to get back to work. You thought I was letting you go and then I turned around and reeled you right back in.) Wee! I love birthdays. Some people hate them. Nope, not me. This is a picture my lovely friend Heather took at our fun birthday brunch. See me gazing at the cake, ready to make a grandiose wish? Yeah, guess what: I forgot to make one. [Sigh.] Can you believe that? Who forgets their birthday wish??? It’s the only official wish you get all year! (Though I did once write a short story in which eyelash wishes played a prominent role. Hey, maybe I’ll go dig that up and post it here. It placed in a contest and everything. Fancy!)

Ok, cold medicine and chocolate candy coating may be going to my head now. Until next time.

xoxo c.