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Carla at The YardIt’s been a crazy summer since my essay “What the Guys I Date Don’t Know” was published in Marie Claire‘s June issue. Even crazier when AOL picked it up and put it on its home page. Now, every once and a while, there’s a spike of interest in the essay and I find out it’s popped up somewhere else new (someone mentioned it showed up in a Yahoo news feed yesterday?). Just wanted to say thanks for the continued support–of my writing and of me. To have so many people find some sort of inspiration or connection in my essay has been really inspiring and mind-blowing. To all of you who have written to say you’ve been able to relate to my story with your own, rock the hell on. We’ve all got our stuff, and we all rule. Write, draw and sing it out (karaoke or otherwise). Create!

Here’s a photo from last weekend at a Brooklyn hipster party. I didn’t really rate on the cool scale there, but it was fun!