A Michael-Dylan-Michael sandwich, on wry.

MIB, Dylan and ShowalterHi, all! I’ve been writing and working for a living and trying to enjoy the summer (though there has been precisely NO sun in New York and 100% humidity–my hair is looking AWESOME right now. You can probably see it from wherever you are).  What you see here (besides my hair) is my good friend Dylan Peter Gadino, editor in chief of PunchlineMagazine.com, with the hilariously warped Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter. Dylan interviewed them recently (they’ve got a new show, Michael and Michael Have Issues, on Comedy Central). I interviewed MIB less recently and also reviewed Showalter’s comedy CD when it came out–and we were all in a movie with Kevin Bacon!

Anyway, more posts forthcoming. Thanks for your continued support and raditude.

xo c.