Open your eyes.

Open your eyesHi there! Sorry for the lack of posts lately. Been writing, working, hanging…. Life is good and crazy. And I’m loving the reaching-out I’m still getting from people who read the essay and were affected by it. Thank you all so much. Check back soon for updates! xoxo carla.

PS–To atone for my silence as of late, I’m attaching a bonkers photo from my friend Todd Shalom’s awesome Soundwalk this weekend. Todd led us (with our eyes closed at times) around Brooklyn as part of Soundwalk-a-thon. The idea was to start using our ears as we use our eyes, paying closer attention to the sounds we often neglect to notice. As we emerged from an outdoor hipster party Todd had slyly led us into, we opened our eyes, looked up and saw this. Synergy! Amazing. (Photo credit: Jen Abramowitz.)