Labels, schmabels.

Got a lovely e-mail from an old high school friend I haven’t seen in years who saw the essay on AOL. In his message he said he always wondered what it was I was dealing with, and that perfectly sums up what can be so hard about living with K-T. I’m definitely NOT suggesting it’s harder or less hard than having, say…an amputated leg or a hair-lip or [fill in the blank], it’s just different. (And by the way, message to certain AOL commenters: Nobody ever wins the game “You Think THAT’S Bad….” so let’s cut it out, huh? Why can’t we all just be compassionate and rad?! Misery one-upping doesn’t seem fun.)

I’m not always sure what people make of me (and I wish I could say who cares, but…give me time!). It’s sort of head-trippy to think that people are looking at you and wondering what’s wrong. Wondering is not necessarily the same as judging, but it can feel that way. One of the things I struggle with is people looking and simply not knowing what it is, not being able to put a name to what I’ve got. Not sure why labels are so important….

Anyway, what do you guys think?