I want to clarify, because friends–old and new alike–have been (very kindly) concerned: The term “potentially fatal disorder” has been thrown around a lot out there on the interweb today, and it’s important to say that while K-T (as far as I know) can be fatal in some cases, in mine it is not. (Knocking on wood and anything else within reach.) Nor is it progressive. (Again, this just goes for my case–I’m not an expert on K-T; I am an expert only on my own experience. And first and foremost, I am a writer!) It’s been jarring to read so many condolences about my health today. I am healthy, people! And I am incredibly grateful for this. As I say in my essay, I got off easy.

(*Addendum, one day later: When I talked to my mom today, I even asked her, just to be sure: “Um, Mom, I’m seeing a lot of “progressively worse” and “fatal” out there. What gives? That’s not me, right?” She assured me it’s not, that I had all the tests I guess K-T kids get when they’re little. So I’m learning a lot. Someone commented on the ABCNews.com page that he thought the description of the disease represented in the article was misleading, as he’s spent his entire life in pain. I felt bad about this–I hope it’s clear that I can only represent my own experience. As we can all see from everybody’s very generous sharing on this site over the past few days, everybody’s case is unique.)

That’s all. Just wanted to say I ain’t goin’ anywhere!