What a weird, wonderful day it’s been!

Hey, y’all! Thank you to everyone who’s read and commented on my essay “What the Guys I Date Don’t Know,” originally published in the June issue of Marie Claire (that’s the issue with the super-fierce Beyonce on the cover).

It’s been a really interesting day since the essay hit the AOL home page. Lots of people have had amazing things to say, and still more have been extremely generous with sharing their own experiences and hardships.  My story may be unique, but everybody’s got their own equivalent, something they consider “baggage.” In that way, we’re all the same.

Others aren’t as fond of my essay, and that’s ok, too! I love this supa-fabulous exchange of ideas that’s happening right now. Let’s keep it up! What blows my mind are the (very few) people who have taken my essay as an opportunity to attack my physical appearance. To them I say, WTF? Are you kidding me with this?!

Weather’s lovely in Brooklyn, so I’m hoping to get outside soon. I hope there’s sunshine wherever you are, too!

xo carla.