Ay de mi—famous writers are getting published in…Chipotle?

20 May

image-2Get a side of Toni Morrison with that burrito bowl. It’s true: Morrison, Malcolm Gladwell and others will be sharing their insight and wit on bags and cups at your local Mexican joint. Soooo…that’s happening.


4 May


After a beautiful weekend in NYC (and hopefully wherever you are, too), it’s supposedly going to rain buckets again later. (I think my sneaks are still damp from last Tuesday’s deluge.) Here, Time Out New York’s rundown of rain-related annoyances befalling Gotohamites.

10 surgeries New Yorkers need right now

27 Apr


Women in Beverly Hills are allegedly having their feet modified to fit into their Loubs. (Sure, why not.) Here, Time Out New York shares the 10 surgeries that New Yorkers need.

Behold: Jayoncé

18 Apr


It’s official: Mr. & Mrs. Carter are touring together (holy hell). Here, Time Out New York’s four other dream mashups.

Conscious uncoupling, unconscious coupling and coupcious unconling

12 Apr


Ok, that last one isn’t a thing. (Actually, those first two probably aren’t either.) But if you like made up things—especially goopy made up things, this post is for you. Click on over to Time Out New York to hear what other euphemisms my co-workers and I feel could use the Gwyneth treatment. You won’t be disappointed. (And if you are, we’ll just think of a Gwynnie-approved euphemism to describe it. Maybe “unintentional expectation remittance.” Sure, why not.)

Ever wrestled in pudding?

12 Apr



I have—and lived to tell the tale! Please read about my experience here, on FriendStories, the website of my friend and writing spirit animal, the ridiculously talented novelist Miranda Beverly-Whittemore, author of Bittersweet.


A 41-Step Guide to Giving Yourself a Heart Attack

4 Dec


Hi there! Please be a dear and check out my latest piece on the Hairpin. It’s part fiction and part non, and I wrote it last year. I hope you enjoy it. (If you like lists, wine, SVU, mysteries or lists about mysteries, wine and SVU, it’s right up your alley!)



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