Is Brooklyn the hippest borough?

5 Sep


I certainly think so, but then, I live there. (And just for the record, I’m not hip. Oh, you knew that. Moving on.)

I was on New York’s Fox 5 this week for Time Out New York, talking about the recent Quinnipiac poll that says most New Yorkers think BK is the hippest borough. I can’t find a link, but this is a photo of a face I made while saying things like:

“By the time any poll or any article declares someplace hip, it’s probably already past hip.”

Real talk, you guys.

St. Vincent interview: ‘I like the mischief aspect of stage-diving’

2 Aug


Just ahead of her gig at Celebrate Brooklyn!, I sat down with Annie Clark, a.k.a. St. Vincent, for Time Out New York. We talked stage-diving, technology and Taylor Swift. She was an absolute delight! 


Oh hey, I was on TV this weekend!

6 Jul 10351373_10153012236628136_8326149611354997186_n-1


Actually, I was on twice (NBD), talking about where to watch the fireworks and/or escape from the rain, and how to take advantage from the empty NYC streets during the holiday weekend when everybody flees.

So far I can only find the second video, on New York’s Fox 5—check it out, will ya?


Film review: Ping Pong Summer

22 Jun


I really wanted to like this one—it had so much heart.

Film review: Chinese Puzzle

22 Jun


Oh hey! I wrote a review of Cedric Klapisch’s latest, Chinese Puzzle, for Time Out New York.

My favorite new dress.

23 May

Letting chubby girls know they CAN wear crop tops, one outfit at a time. GET READY, WORLD. Image

Anxiety: New Yorkers’ best frenemy

21 May


PB&J, Captain and Tennille, the Big Apple and stress…they all go hand in hand. In this week’s Time Out New York, I ponder whether New Yorkers are really more anxious than everyone else and if we maybe secretly like it that way. (Spoiler alert: The answers are yes and yes.)


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